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[Japan] Animate Cafe at Card Labo TCG Festival

More officially licensed drinks themed after anime characters (specifically three major ones from VRAINS)

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Animate Cafe Collaboration at Card Labo TCG Festival

(Held on June 30th, 2018)

Officially licensed drinks themed after characters from VRAINS

600 Yen + Tax

• Blueberry Syrup
• Calpiss (A Milk-based Soft Drink)
• Pink Grape Fruit Syrup
• Lemon Slice
• Whip Cream
• Orange Sauce
• Wafer Cake

Blue Angel
• Soda
• Blue Jelly
• Fruit Syrup
• Whip Cream
• Winged Chocolate
• Dried Strawberries

Soul Burner
• Orange Soda
• Blood Orange Syrup
• Orange
• Whip Cream
• Blue Sugar Sprinkles
• Wafer Cake


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