[Lore] Upstart Goblin

How the mighty have fallen.

A goblin that experienced a terrible ordeal due to his greed. We’ll talk about what happened with the Upstart Goblin after those events, whether it’s about his attempt to live an honorable life, or his innate deviousness permeating in once again.

The life of the Upstart Goblin after experiencing ruin.

The degrading life of the Upstart Goblin

He came into wealth with the money he gained by selling off other people’s “pots”, but after the the bubble burst he lost his occupation. He planned to start over by working honestly in a factory, but…

As a result of being struck by poverty, he further stains his hands with bad deeds.

He vows from his heart to start from square one, however…


Those who have it can check Page 170 of Master Guide Vol.1.

Discovering the location of the “pots” in the factory.

One day after finishing his overtime, the Upstart Goblin discovers “those pots” inside the factory!
His formerly guilty heart now is brimming with excitement inside him.

By opening the door marked as “no entry”, there’s an abundance of “pots”.

Thus his wickedness returns, treading once again the path of evil…

The Upstart Goblin’s not-so-distant habit of stealing resurfaces once again, pilfering the “pots”.
By liquidating the “pots” with ease in his usual dark market, he makes a lot of easy money!

The goblin chuckles to himself by just looking at this unexpected “Extra Buck”.

While pretending to work honestly, he looks for a new perfect opportunity.

“I won’t fall in the same rut again!” After learning from the experience of failure, he aimed for the next chance to steal the “pots” while presenting himself as an honest worker.

After earning more trust, he gets assigned to a new position.

Cards where the daily life of the Upstart Goblin can be observed
The ruined Upstart Goblin lives in a shack he built in an empty lot where grass grows thickly.
By looking at “Waking the Dragon”, we can see that dangerous monsters live among the bushes…and by looking at the background in “That Grass Looks Greener”, we can see the palatial residence in which he once lived.

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