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[Duel Links] Balancing Updates | New Limited List

After the WCQ for Duel links ends, there’s some very long sought after updates to the games balancing.

To start us off, Restructer Revolution has been Limited. This is the first time Duel Links has ever disallowed the use of three copies of any card in its game. Reasons for its inclusion can be found below.

In addition the following changes have been made to some Skills used by characters most commonly during the World Championship Qualifier.

These changes all take place on July 18th 2017.

Mai’s “Harpies Hunting Ground” Field Spell will be the first card you draw in each duel automatically instead of a free extra card that starts in play.

Weevil’s “Parasite Infestation” skill now has a cap of 2 copies rather than 3 for how many Paracides it will add to the opponent’s deck.

Paradox Brothers’ “Three-Star Demotion” has had a 1000 increase in cost from 2000 to 3000 LP for activation.

and lastly Ishizu’s “Fairy’s Smile” gains 1000 LP instead of 500 when you draw a Fairy-Type monster during your Draw Phase.