[VBEX2 Lore] Number 14: Other Cards

Lord, Bird, Pilica, Haine


“Other Cards”

The Forbidden Demon God that Towers the Heavens
An ancient, immemorial age. The king of the demon gods who ruled over the demon world, massacred the human world, and challenged the heavenly realm. Its body was massive enough to cover the sky. At the end of the war, the armies of the angels were unable to destroy it, sealing it instead in a gap between worlds. It was expected that after an eternity its body would falter and die in oblivion, yet the spirit of the demon god did not vanish. Once the world is filled to the brim of demonic power, the king shall descend once again, wielding its forbidden power.

Lord of the Heavenly Prison
One who Exists Beyond the Speed of Sound
Some years have passed since he lost communication with his father after the day of the experiment. The young boy discovers the aged schematics for an engine and the letter his father left behind in the storehouse. “I’ll be waiting beyond the speed of sound.” Giving wings to his feelings for his father, the challenge against the speed of sound begins now!

Transonic Bird

The father with whom communication was lost

The schematics left behind by his father

One who pursues the speed of sound
The young boy tries to develop a new engine based on the schematics of his father. He manages to create a new technology inspired by the legends he read in some books of a divine bird that inhabits a sacred mountain.

Secret Image

Transonic Bird

End of page 1

TL note: The text is too small to read, but it’s probably some variation of “goes very fast.” The sacred bird is very likely to be one of the many forms of Simorgh, because of the wording used and the ring-shaped structure in the back.

“Pilica” enters the “Sacred War” as a member of the “Gusto” tribe.
In order to create “Zefraath” to stop “Tierra, Source of Destruction”, “Pilica” yielded the power of the “Zefra.” She once again becomes a warrior of the “Gusto” as “Laplampilica”, and joins “Reeshaddoll Wendi” and the others in the “Sacred War.”

Ritual Beast Tamer Zeframpilica

Yields the power of the “Zefra”

Daigusto Laplampilica
“Haine” Struggles Acting as the “Master”!

Witchcrafter Confusion Confession
On the very day a major client comes to visit, the head of the guild, “Master Verre,” is nowhere to be found!? Amidst the chaos, the great plan, “I am the Master: Haine”, to set “Haine” up as the head of the guild begins. Will “Haine,” who keeps fumbling this major role, be able to overcome this difficult situation?

Witchcrafter Vice-Madame

Secret Image

Witchcrafter Vice-Madame
Full art:


“The stained glass from Verre’s background” (not very readable, might be incorrect)


“Emblem-like accessory”


“Both of them are floating”


Bottom: “Vice-Master clasps”
Schmietta: “[…]” (something related to how the clasps were made, but it’s barely readable. Either about how it was her who made them, what she used to make them, or where she made them)

End of chapter

TL note: “Master” is the OCG title for “Madame Verre.” I’m using “Master” over “Madame” because it easily conveys that this is the title of the person in charge of the guild.

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.

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