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[JUMP Festa] Expanding on the previous article

Playtest game, get free bag.

Konami has updated their website for the events they will be holding on the Yu-Gi-Oh! side of the JUMP Festa. We covered the general details of what they will be offering yesterday, so here we’ll just go over the new stuff.

Master duel:

You can playtest the Solo Mode of Master Duel where you can experience Duels through the world view of card illustrations.
Among the themes that can be playtested, aside from the previously revealed Gem-Knight, World Legacy and Qliphort, Monarchs and Digital Bugs are also being introduced.

(note that the game is still in development and the playtested contents may differ from the final product)

You can get a special reusable bag for participating in the playtesting.

Rush Duel:
A Yu-Gi-Oh that is very open for total beginners

Duel together using oversized cards!
Play in 2 teams of up to 5 participants each.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the rules for Rush Duel!
We recommend participating in groups so that you can get a feel of “rock-paper-scissors” using the oversized cards.

You get 1 Rush Duel Starter Deck Enhancement Pack and 1 Battle Pack Vol.2 for participating.

As previously reported, an invite-only event will be held where you can test the new Rush Duel Duel Disk and take it home with you as a present. The only people that can apply seem to be elementary schoolers and middle schoolers via their guardians, and only 32 participants in total (16 each day) will be eligible for the event. In case you somehow fit this category, you can apply here.

Furthermore, you can obtain a rubber playmat featuring CAN-Re: D and Royal Demon’s Death Doom in both the Rush Duel and Rush Duel Saikyou Battle Royale corners.

Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! / Saikyou Battle Royale

A climatic Duel in Saikyou Battle Royale!

A PVP corner will be held in which you aim for 2 continuous victories. Nintendo Switch consoles will be prepared at the event to play.

You get 1 Rush Duel Starter Deck Enhancement Pack and 1 Battle Pack Vol.2 for participating.

If you win 2 Duels in a row, you get 1 additional pack of each of those sets, and furthermore, this rubber playmat featuring Thunderbold the Lightningfire Deity and Steelstrike Dragon Metagias

If you are a beginner, you can also play against the CPU and get 1 Rush Duel Starter Deck Enhancement Pack and 1 Battle Pack Vol.2 for participating.

Cross Duel:

Participants can try a 4-player Duel in which 2 players will be controlled by the CPU. You can get a reusable bag for participating.

Just like with Master Duel, it is noted that the contents are still in development and may not reflect the final product.


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