July 1st, 2023 Limit Regulation [OCG]

The new Superheavy Samurai stuff was generally a bad idea, seemingly.


Kashtira Fenrir
Superheavy Samurai Soulbreaker
Smoke Grenade of the Thief


Performapal Monkeyboard
Mathmech Circular
Superheavy Samurai Soulpiercer
M-X-Saber Invoker
Purrely Sleepy Memory
Pot of Prosperity
Runick Fountain


Armageddon Knight
Superheavy Samurai Bike
Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu
Block Dragon


Ancient Fairy Dragon
Salamangreat Gazelle
Saryuja Skull Dread
Tellarknight Ptolemaeus
Blackwing – Steam the Cloak
Thunder Dragonhawk
Fire Formation – Tenki
Nadir Servant
Spellbook of Judgment


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7 thoughts on “July 1st, 2023 Limit Regulation [OCG]

  • June 25, 2023 at 8:31 am

    No maxx c? Lol

    • June 25, 2023 at 8:32 am

      Thats why i keep playing tcg even living in the ocg region

  • June 25, 2023 at 11:04 am

    F*** you fenrir! You will never be missed. Can’t wait to see you or arise-heart ban in TCG. Cope

  • June 25, 2023 at 11:13 am

    Finally smoke grenade is banned i suppose is because the New infernobles support males the deck more solid

  • June 25, 2023 at 12:24 pm

    OCG Cyber-Stein aka Devil Franken (1999-2006; February 2014-July 2023). RIP until your certain next resurrection.
    Well, at least they banned just the right cards and didn’t scapegoat hit things like Appointer or Diablosis. Maxx C should’ve probably been given a rest as well, though, unless it gets an errata to limit the draws to 5 or so.

    • June 25, 2023 at 5:41 pm

      Even drawing 2 is too much.

    • July 1, 2023 at 9:17 pm


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