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Irish Nationals Top 8 Decklists

Also featuring the Dragon Duel Winner Decklist

First and foremost, Congratulations to Luke Smythe on his win, but this post is for the decklists so lets get to it. You can right-click the images and open them in a new tab to see them at full size!

1st place – Luke Smythe – Mermails

2nd place – Walter Dumphy – Geargias

3rd place – James Broderick – Fire Fists

4th place – Cormac Haydon – Gadgets

5th place – Michael Malanaphy – Mermails

6th place – Adam Hayes – Mermails

7th place – Daniel McCowt – Mythic Rulers

8th place – Anthony Corry – Spellbooks


Dragon Duel Winner – Adam Crowe – Electrum OTK

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