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[VRAINS] New Information from LABO (Week 5)

Most of this is more pictures.


Designing Decode Talker in CGI.


Voice Actors doing recordings for VRAINS.


Portions of VRAINS screenshots.

CGI Work and then After Processing


More screenshots of VRAINS


Cracking Dragon is a CGI monster!



Yusaku interacting with Naoki.



Blue Angel

Yusaku and Kusanagi


Den City offline and when seen in LINK VRAINS.

Go Onizuka

The Mysterious AI Program


Cracking Dragon enters a section of the Network.

A Knight of Hanoi




Yusaku logging into VRAINS

Zaizen, Akira


Yusaku on his D-Board


Yusaku and the Dawn


Assorted pictures from the VRAINS Promo aired during Labo



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