[RDS] Story 3: “Shaman Bandits”

Phantom thieves by way of doot and toot and badumtssh

Seeking Hidden Treasures By Wielding Spirits With The Power Of Song

There is a clan who have been able to utilize the spirits of the wind via a method of musical performance they’ve passed down through the generations. Their descendant “Bandijo” and her protegee and little sister, “Prophecyphrase” break into museums and art galleries. Working together with “Asport Pirat”, who has the same power as them, they seek to find the hidden treasures that are their clan’s roots.

Prophecyphrase the Colors of the Wind

Asport Pirate the Wind Crusher

Bandijo the Battle Ballad

Force of Kajibathief

Reference Art

Aport Pirate the Wind Crusher

Prophecyphrase the Colors of the Wind
Bandijo the Battle Ballad

A clan of thieves with the blood of shamans in their veins

I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of thieves they are.

Thanks to Eviluder and Ness for help with this article

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