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After teasing it back on the 21st of July, Cospa have revealed their goods for their Cafe Nagi/Cafe Nom POP-UP SHOPs over the next few months, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. Cospa made a point to note that food and drink will not be sold at these venues. So no, you can’t order hotdogs with marshmallows on them.

Notably, going with the theme of Café Nom, the characters featured in the merchandise are the real identities of the series’ main trio: Yusaku Fujiki (and Ai), Theodore Hamilton/Takeru Homura (and Flame), Cal Kolter/Shoichi Kusanagi, and Roken/Ryoken Kogami.

For every ¥2000 one spends, they receive a random Large bromide (an image printed on bromide paper that’s very popular in Japan).

The following goods will be sold as limited edition products:

Tapestry: 80 cm

  • Four types (Yusaku and Ai pictured)
  • Price: ¥2640/$19.56 USD

Tapestry: 120 cm

  • Four types (Theodore and Flame pictured)
  • Price: ¥4840/$35.86 USD

Acrylic stands: Large (other than that the size is not specified)

  • Four types (Kolter pictured)
  • Price: ¥2530/$18.74 USD

Can Badges

  • Size: 6.5cm/2.56 inch diameter
  • Price: ¥605/$4.48 USD
  • Four types (Roken pictured)

Mug (¥1650/$12.22 USD)

The following products will continue to be sold after the events:

Acrylic stands (chibi versions):

  • Five types (Café Nom pictured)
  • Price: ¥1430/$10.59 USD
  • Size: 13 x 12cm/5.12 x 4.72 inches

Deformed mascots

  • Two types (Yusaku and Roken, Roken pictured)
  • Price: ¥1650/$12.22 USD
  • Size: 12cm/4.72 inches


  • Two types (Café Nom and Knights of Hanoi; Hanoi pictured)
  • Price: ¥1980/$14.67 USD
  • Size: L40 x W48 x D15 cm/L15.75 x W18.9 x D5.91 inches

Stainless thermal tumbler

  • Price: ¥2750/$20.37 USD
  • Size: H10.5 x D8.5 cm/H4.13 x D3.35 inches, roughly 360mL

Into the VRAINS acrylic artboard

  • Price: ¥6050/$44.82 USD
  • Size: H20 x W29 cm/H7.87 x W11.42 inches
  • Two types: Yusaku and Roken logging into LINK VRAINS as Playmaker and Varis/Revolver.

As noted by the product description, this is actually the first time Roken transforming into into Varis has been depicted in any visual medium.

Café Nagi/Nom pullover hoodie

  • Price: ¥6380/$47.26 USD
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Knights of Hanoi zip hoodies

  • Price: ¥6600/$48.89 USD
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Two colours: White (pictured) and Acid Blue

Cospa are holding three POP-UP SHOP events: the first in Akiba (27th August-6th September), the second in Osaka and Kokura (16th September-26th September) and the third in Sendai and Nagoya (1st October-11th October).


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