[GO RUSH!!] Episode 59 Summary

Local little brother to obsessed with covering up his older brother’s weirdness.

Episode 59: フェイザーの秘密 – Feizā no Himitsu
(Phaser’s Secret)

Yudias spots Tremolo entering the Coruffium. He challenges Tremolo to a Duel in order to avenge Yuhi. Tremolo has broken the rules and entered the Coruffium in order to track down Fisher Sky, the alien who has been spying on him and his brother. There is a secret that he wants to protect, no matter what.

Script: 山口宏 || Yamaguchi Hiroshi
Storyboard: 西森章 || Nishimori Akira
Direction: 渡辺純夫 || Watanabe Sumio


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