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[GO RUSH!!] Episode 53 Summary

Gee, I sure wonder why a show whose lead character is a guy who’s a funny immigrant is commenting on the police…

Episode 53: 遊飛やさぐれ列伝 – Yuuhi Yasagure Retsuden
(The Life of Yuhi the Runaway)

Yuhi has run away from home. Having distanced himself from UTS and Rush Duels, he’s now hanging out with his delinquent friends and engaging in all kinds of mischief. As he wanders around while being tormented by his own powerlessness, he witnesses the commander of MIK, Ryugu Phaser, having a Duel with “that guy.”

Script: 野村祐一 || Nomura Yuichi
Storyboard: 菱川直樹 || Hishikawa Naoki
Direction: 菱川直樹 || Hishikawa Naoki


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