[GO RUSH!!] Episode 33 Summary

Now that’s what I call a Spacesaurus!

Episode 33: プラチック・ワールド – Purachikku Wārudo
(Plastic World)

It is now the second match of the Friendship Rush Duel Tournament, hosted by the Great King of Terror from the Arctic Nebula. Manya will be fighting against the space dinosaur, The☆Mokeida Mbembe! Mbembe rambles on about his love for plastic models. However, Manya doesn’t care about plastic models at all. She’ll be fighting against Mbembe with a Cleaning Deck!

Script: 山口宏 || Yamaguchi Hiroshi
Storyboard: 高山智也 || Takayama Tomoya
Direction: 高山智也 || Takayama Tomoya


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