Go Wild with “Gold Pride”! [WPP4]

Mostly confirming OCG names. They’re slightly different for the Spells and Traps.

WPP4-JP029 Gold Pride – Leon

WPP4-JP030 Gold Pride – Nytro Head

WPP4-JP031 Gold Pride – Captain Carrie

WPP4-JP032 Gold Pride – Roller Baller

WPP4-JP033 Gold Pride – Pin Baller

WPP4-JP034 Gold Pride – Star Leon

Note: It’s made more clear here that the name is a play on Stallion

WPP4-JP035 Gold Pride – Chariot Carrie Gou (Gold Pride – Chariot Carrie)

WPP4-JP036 Gold Pride – Nytro Blaster

WPP4-JP037 Gold Pride – Go Wild (Gold Pride – The Crowd Goes Wild!)

WPP4-JP038 Gold Pride – Out Of Nowhere (Gold Pride – That Came Out of Nowhere!)

WPP4-JP039 Gold Pride – Pedal to Metal (Gold Pride – Pedal to the Metal!)

WPP4-JP040 Gold Pride – Better Luck (Gold Pride – Better Luck Next Time!)

WPP4-JP041 Gold Pride – Start Engine (Gold Pride – Start Your Engines!)

WPP4-JP042 Gold Pride – Neck And Neck (Gold Pride – It’s Neck and Neck!)


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