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[Manga] God-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

This isn’t the announcement of a card being released, merely the summary of a card from the manga.

ゴッドアイズ・ファントム・ドラゴン God-Eyes Phantom Dragon
Level 10
ATK 3000
DEF 2500
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Pendulum Summoned from the hand, it can be Special Summoned from the hand by Tributing all monsters you control including 1 Dragon-Type Pendulum monster.
If the attack of God-Eyes Phantom Dragon is negated, end your opponent’s next turn and make it the Battle Phase of your turn.
If this card attacks, it gains 1000 ATK for each Dragon-Type monster used as material. As well, your opponent’s monster lose ATK equal to that amount.
By sending 1 Spell/Trap Card you control to the GY, negate the activation of an opponent’s Spell/Trap, and Set it. Also, that card cannot be activated that turn.



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