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The non-card stuff.

The fancier foil versions of the new Yubel Fusion.

The Special Magicians for this set.

In honor of the release of Phantom Nightmare, episodes 153 to 155 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will be free to watch on YouTube (with region lock)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Duelist Legend QUARTER CENTURY will be held February 3rd and 4th, 2024 at the Tokyo Dome.

There will be Duels, Quizzes, video games, and other excitement!

Duelist Legend Special Stage

Anime “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Theme Song LIVE Stage
Duel Opera
“Yu-Gi-Oh!” Voice Actor Special Stage
Upcoming News & Mega Lottery Stage

Visitor Promos are…

Dark Magician (February 3rd)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (February 4th)

Both are Quarter Century Secret Rare TOKYO DOME GREEN Version

There will be event exclusive merchandise.

Pre-Registration for the Lottery to attend ends today

There will be upcoming missions in Japan to collect Star Chips with Neuron that you can turn in for merch.

There will be Official Card Game and Rush Duel packs.

The second Black Luster Soldier campaign begins October 28th, 2023!

Black Luster Soldier itself

Playmat featuring the new Yubel Fusion and Yuki.

A brand new Selection Pack, “Record of Noble Spirits”, goes on sale October 30th in Master Duel, and features the brand new Link-3 revealed today!

Deep Emotion, the next Main Booster for Speed Duel in Duel Links, goes on sale October 26th!

Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS world is now in Duel Links!

The Ultimate Blue-Eyed Legend is on sale for Rush Duel right now

What is Rush Duel?

A “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Themed Card Game that started in April 2020. With the ability to Normal Summon multiple monsters and draw many cards at once as key rules, it allows for enjoyable dynamic Duels with high tempo changes to the state of the game.

“Sevens Road Magician” Summon Animation in Duel Links

“Multistrike Dragon Dragias” Summon Animation in Duel Links

Cards from the Commerical


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    “In honor of the release of Phantom Nightmare, episodes 153 to 155 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will be free to watch on YouTube (with region lock)”

    I a.s.sume this isn’t subbed.

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