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[Cross Duel] Some extra information

Beyond 4D Chess and hyperdimensional backgammon.

Most of the information covered in the Cross Duel segment were things that we reported on yesterday from the instruction manual page. Some new things we learned are:

Content from the 7 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series, up to Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS will be featured.

The featured Spell and Trap Cards have unique effects reworked for the Cross Duel game structure. Keep in mind this texts are just to have an idea of what kind of effects will be featured. We have no idea how the Cross Duel terminology will be localized and of course the game is still in development.

Swords of Revealing Light
Spell Card
Choose 1 monster, inflict [unable to move] to it until the end of the turn

Shadow Spell
Trap Card
“When (a monster) advances to its location”
The opponent’s monster that advanced loses 1000 ATK.

Regarding the valuable Prize Cards in the middle of the field, we did not get a picture but it was mentioned that cards like Monster Reborn and Mirror Force can be obtained.

As for some of the cards that were featured in the Duel:

Assault on GHQ
Trap Card
“At the start of the Battle Phase”
Grant 1 [Speed up] to all your monsters until the end of the turn.

“When destroyed in battle”
If one of your monsters is destroyed in battle, inflict [Crumbling] to the opponent’s monster that battled.

Stop Defense
Spell Card
Choose 1 Defense Position monster and change it to Attack Position.

Battle Mania
Trap Card
“During battle”
If one of your monsters battles with an opponent’s Defense Position monster, grant [Taunt] to your monster until the end of the turn.

Aria the Melodious Diva
[Inherent Skill]
“When Summoned”
Choose 1 monster and inflict 1 [Slow down] to it until the end of the turn.

Y – Dragon Head
[Attack weakening]
“When battling”
When battling with an opponent’s Attack Position monster, that monster loses 300 ATK.

Z – Metal Tank

When another of your monsters is Summoned, this card gains 200 ATK.

X – Head Cannon
“When Summoned”
Inflict 200 damage to the opponent directly in front.

Dark Hole
Spell Card
Choose 1 lane and destroy all monsters in it.

Zubaba Knight
“When the Battle Phase starts”
Gains 200 ATK.

Opti-Camouflage Armor
Spell Card
Choose 1 of your Level 3 or lower monsters, it loses 500 ATK, also grant it [Stealth] until the end of the turn.