[TCG-MP23] 25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes set spoiler

Of note, despite the artwork used on the tin itself, Red-Eyes Black Dragon uses its original art in the promo itself. See our earlier article for the effects of the World Premieres.

Card Number Name Rarity
MP23-EN001 Libromancer Geekboy Ultra Rare
MP23-EN002 Magikuriboh Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN003 Timaeus the United Dragon Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN004 Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN005 Dictator of D. Ultra Rare
MP23-EN006 Icejade Kosmochlor Ultra Rare
MP23-EN007 Icejade Aegirine Super Rare
MP23-EN008 Icejade Creation Kingfisher Common
MP23-EN009 Dinomorphia Therizia Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN010 Dinomorphia Diplos Super Rare
MP23-EN011 D/D Gryphon Common
MP23-EN012 S-Force Lapcewell Ultra Rare
MP23-EN013 S-Force Retroactive Rare
MP23-EN014 Epsilon The Magnet Warrior Rare
MP23-EN015 The Agent of Destruction – Venus Ultra Rare
MP23-EN016 Simorgh, Bird of Perfection Ultra Rare
MP23-EN017 Illusion of Chaos Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN018 Master of Chaos Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN019 Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN020 Dinomorphia Kentregina Super Rare
MP23-EN021 Dinomorphia Stealthbergia Ultra Rare
MP23-EN022 Maple Maiden Ultra Rare
MP23-EN023 D/D/D Deviser King Deus Machinex Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN024 The Zombie Vampire Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN025 Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy Ultra Rare
MP23-EN026 Vision with Eyes of Blue Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN027 Ultimate Fusion Ultra Rare
MP23-EN028 Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle Common
MP23-EN029 Dogmatikamacabre Rare
MP23-EN030 Dark Contract with Patent License Common
MP23-EN031 Ursarctic Radiation Common
MP23-EN032 Floowandereeze and the Advent of Adventure Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN033 XYZ Combine Common
MP23-EN034 Clear New World Rare
MP23-EN035 Sales Ban Super Rare
MP23-EN036 Icejade Erosion Common
MP23-EN037 Dinomorphia Domain Ultra Rare
MP23-EN038 Dinomorphia Alert Common
MP23-EN039 Dinomorphia Brute Common
MP23-EN040 Dinomorphia Shell Common
MP23-EN041 Dinomorphia Sonic Common
MP23-EN042 Dinomorphia Reversion Common
MP23-EN043 D/D Headhunt Rare
MP23-EN044 Libromancer Magigirl Common
MP23-EN045 Libromancer Agent Common
MP23-EN046 Libromancer Firestarter Common
MP23-EN047 Libromancer Doombroker Common
MP23-EN048 Libromancer First Appearance Common
MP23-EN049 Libromancer Intervention Common
MP23-EN050 Fire Opal Head Super Rare
MP23-EN051 Doll Monster Miss Mädchen Super Rare
MP23-EN052 Doll Monster Bear-Bear Super Rare
MP23-EN053 Smoke Mosquito Super Rare
MP23-EN054 Nowru Aries the Vernal Dragon Super Rare
MP23-EN055 Groza, Tyrant of Thunder Ultra Rare
MP23-EN056 Doll Happiness Super Rare
MP23-EN057 Smile Potion Super Rare
MP23-EN058 Libromancer Fire Ultra Rare
MP23-EN059 Therion “Bull” Ain Super Rare
MP23-EN060 Therion “Reaper” Fum Ultra Rare
MP23-EN061 Therion “Duke” Yul Super Rare
MP23-EN062 Therion “Lily” Borea Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN063 Therion “King” Regulus Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN064 Visas Starfrost Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN065 Scareclaw Astra Common
MP23-EN066 Scareclaw Belone Common
MP23-EN067 Scareclaw Acro Common
MP23-EN068 Scareclaw Reicheart Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN069 Predaplant Byblisp Common
MP23-EN070 Predaplant Bufolicula Common
MP23-EN071 Predaplant Triantis Common
MP23-EN072 Illegal Knight Ultra Rare
MP23-EN073 Light Law Medium Common
MP23-EN074 Sunlit Sentinel Rare
MP23-EN075 Amphibious Bugroth MK-11 Common
MP23-EN076 Supreme Sea Mare Common
MP23-EN077 Reverse Jar Rare
MP23-EN078 Yamatako Orochi Super Rare
MP23-EN079 Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon Ultra Rare
MP23-EN080 Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon Ultra Rare
MP23-EN081 Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN082 Dinomorphia Rexterm Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN083 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Lord Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN084 Skeletal Dragon Felgrand Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN085 Immortal Dragon Ultra Rare
MP23-EN086 Psychic End Punisher Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN087 Beyond the Pendulum Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN088 Scareclaw Tri-Heart Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN089 The Weather Painter Moonbow Super Rare
MP23-EN090 Extra Pendulum Rare
MP23-EN091 Therion Discolosseum Secret Rare
MP23-EN092 Endless Engine Argyro System Rare
MP23-EN093 Therion Charge Ultra Rare
MP23-EN094 Icejade Curse Super Rare
MP23-EN095 Branded Loss Rare
MP23-EN096 Primitive Planet Reichphobia Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN097 Scareclaw Arrival Ultra Rare
MP23-EN098 Zombie Reborn Common
MP23-EN099 The Weather Forecast Common
MP23-EN100 Therion Cross Common
MP23-EN101 Therion Stand Up! Super Rare
MP23-EN102 Branded Banishment Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN103 Dogmatikaturgy Rare
MP23-EN104 Scareclaw Sclash Common
MP23-EN105 Scareclaw Alternative Common
MP23-EN106 Haunted Zombies Common
MP23-EN107 Dinomorphia Frenzy Super Rare
MP23-EN108 Ichiroku’s Ledger Book Common
MP23-EN109 XX-clusion Common
MP23-EN110 Patissciel Couverture Ultra Rare
MP23-EN111 Libromancer Mystigirl Common
MP23-EN112 Libromancer Fireburst Rare
MP23-EN113 Libromancer Realized Common
MP23-EN114 Libromancer Bonded Common
MP23-EN115 Libromancer Displaced Common
MP23-EN116 Libromancer Prevented Common
MP23-EN117 Elemental HERO Spirit of Neos Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN118 Cross Keeper Common
MP23-EN119 Therion “Empress” Alasia Common
MP23-EN120 Therion “Irregular Common
MP23-EN121 Icejade Creation Aegirocassis Common
MP23-EN122 Albaz the Ashen Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN123 Gem-Knight Quartz Common
MP23-EN124 Brilliant Rose Common
MP23-EN125 Melffy Wally Common
MP23-EN126 Melffy Pinny Common
MP23-EN127 Exosister Martha Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN128 Rikka Princess Ultra Rare
MP23-EN129 Grandtusk Dragon Common
MP23-EN130 Eka the Flame Buddy Common
MP23-EN131 Propa Gandake Common
MP23-EN132 Cartorhyn the Hidden Gem of the Seafront Rare
MP23-EN133 Nightmell the Dark Bonder Rare
MP23-EN134 Gem-Knight Lady Rose Diamond Common
MP23-EN135 Merry Melffys Common
MP23-EN136 Scareclaw Light-Heart Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN137 Over Fusion Ultra Rare
MP23-EN138 Branded in Central Dogmatika Rare
MP23-EN139 Scareclaw Straddle Common
MP23-EN140 Scatter Fusion Ultra Rare
MP23-EN141 Melffy Staring Contest Common
MP23-EN142 Rikka Konkon Common
MP23-EN143 Digit Jamming Common
MP23-EN144 Branded Expulsion Common
MP23-EN145 Exosister Returnia Common
MP23-EN146 Terrors of the Overroot Common
MP23-EN147 Double Dust Tornado Dragon Common
MP23-EN148 Garura, Wings of Resonant Life Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN149 Pitknight Earlie Ultra Rare
MP23-EN150 Morphtronic Converter Super Rare
MP23-EN151 Spellbound Ultra Rare
MP23-EN152 Blackwing – Vata the Emblem of Wandering Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN153 Blackwing – Shamal the Sandstorm Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN154 Blackwing – Chinook the Snow Blast Ultra Rare
MP23-EN155 Blackwing – Sudri the Phantom Glimmer Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN156 Blackwing – Zonda the Dusk Ultra Rare
MP23-EN157 Bystial Magnamhut Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN158 Bystial Saronir Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN159 Bystial Druiswurm Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN160 The Bystial Lubellion Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN161 The Bystial Alba Los Rare
MP23-EN162 Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN163 Kashtira Fenrir Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN164 Kashtira Unicorn Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN165 Kashtira Ogre Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN166 Tobari the Sky Ninja Common
MP23-EN167 Mitsu the Insect Ninja Rare
MP23-EN168 Baku the Beast Ninja Common
MP23-EN169 Kagero the Cannon Ninja Common
MP23-EN170 Naturia Mole Cricket Super Rare
MP23-EN171 Naturia Camellia Super Rare
MP23-EN172 Ignis Phoenix, The Dracoslayer Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN173 Majesty Pegasus, the Dracoslayer Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN174 Dinomight Powerload, the Dracoslayer Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN175 Rex, Frieght Fur Hire Common
MP23-EN176 Soul Scissors Super Rare
MP23-EN177 Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN178 Infernalqueen Salmon Common
MP23-EN179 Han-Shi Kyudo Spirit Rare
MP23-EN180 Laughing Puffin Super Rare
MP23-EN181 Turbo-Tainted Hot Rod GT19 Common
MP23-EN182 Psychic Rover Common
MP23-EN183 Cucumber Horse Common
MP23-EN184 Silent Wolf Calupo Super Rare
MP23-EN185 Maizen the Battle Ninja Rare
MP23-EN186 Freki the Runick Fangs Super Rare
MP23-EN187 Black-Winged Assault Dragon Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN188 Blackwing – Boreastorm the Wicked Wind Ultra Rare
MP23-EN189 Shamisen Samsara Sorrowcat Ultra Rare
MP23-EN190 Kashtira Shangri-Ira Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN191 Wollow, Founder of the Drudge Dragons Common
MP23-EN192 Donner, Dagger Fur Hire Rare
MP23-EN193 Worldsea Dragon Zealantis Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN194 Muckracker From the Underworld Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN195 Black Feather Whirlwind Common
MP23-EN196 Branded Regained Rare
MP23-EN197 Decisive Battle of Golgonda Common
MP23-EN198 Tri-Brigade Showdown Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN199 Scareclaw Decline Common
MP23-EN200 Kashtira Birth Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN201 Ninjitsu Art Notebook of Mystery Common
MP23-EN202 Ninjitsu Art Tool – Iron Digger Common
MP23-EN203 Underworld Ritual of Prediction Common
MP23-EN204 Naturia Blessing Ultra Rare
MP23-EN205 Dragonic Pendulum Ultra Rare
MP23-EN206 Terrors in the Hidden City Common
MP23-EN207 Blackwing – Twin Shadow Common
MP23-EN208 Black Shadow Squall Common
MP23-EN209 Branded Beast Rare
MP23-EN210 Scareclaw Twinsaw Common
MP23-EN211 Kashtira Preparations Ultra Rare
MP23-EN212 Ninjitsu Art of Dancing Leaves Common
MP23-EN213 Simul Archfiends Common
MP23-EN214 Stars Align across the Milky Way Rare
MP23-EN215 The Great Noodle Inversion Common
MP23-EN216 Zalamander Catalyzer Ultra Rare
MP23-EN217 Destructive Daruma Karma Cannon Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN218 Yorishiro of the Aqua Ultra Rare
MP23-EN219 Amazoness Golden Whip Master Common
MP23-EN220 Amazoness Silver Sword Master Common
MP23-EN221 Amazoness War Chief Ultra Rare
MP23-EN222 Amazoness Spiritualist Ultra Rare
MP23-EN223 Amazoness Augusta Ultra Rare
MP23-EN224 Amazoness Pet Liger King Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN225 Amazoness Secret Arts Common
MP23-EN226 Lovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN227 Labrynth Archfiend Common
MP23-EN228 Ariane the Labrynth Servant Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN229 Arianna the Labrynth Servant Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN230 Labrynth Chandraglier Common
MP23-EN231 Labrynth Stovie Torbie Common
MP23-EN232 Labrynth Cooclock Common
MP23-EN233 Labrynth Labyrinth Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN234 Labrynth Set-Up Common
MP23-EN235 Welcome Labrynth Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN236 Farewelcome Labrynth Common
MP23-EN237 Labrynth Barrage Common
MP23-EN238 Archfiend’s Ghastly Glitch Common
MP23-EN239 Runick Fountain Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN240 Runick Allure Ultra Rare
MP23-EN241 Runick Tip Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN242 Runick Flashing Fire Ultra Rare
MP23-EN243 Runick Destruction Ultra Rare
MP23-EN244 Runick Dispelling Common
MP23-EN245 Runick Freezing Curses Ultra Rare
MP23-EN246 Runick Slumber Ultra Rare
MP23-EN247 Runick Golden Droplet Ultra Rare
MP23-EN248 Runick Smiting Storm Common
MP23-EN249 Hugin the Runick Wings Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN250 Munin the Runick Wings Rare
MP23-EN251 Geri the Runick Fangs Rare
MP23-EN252 Exosister Elis Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN253 Exosister Stella Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN254 Exosister Irene Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN255 Exosister Sophia Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN256 Exosister Mikailis Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN257 Exosister Kaspitell Ultra Rare
MP23-EN258 Exosister Gibrine Rare
MP23-EN259 Exosister Asophiel Rare
MP23-EN260 Exosister Pax Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN261 Exosister Arment Super Rare
MP23-EN262 Exosister Carpedivem Super Rare
MP23-EN263 Exosister Vadis Common
MP23-EN264 Rite of Aramesir Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN265 Water Enchantress of the Temple Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN266 Magicore Warrior of the Relics Ultra Rare
MP23-EN267 Wandering Gryphon Rider Ultra Rare
MP23-EN268 Fateful Adventure Prismatic Secret Rare
MP23-EN269 Dunnel, the Noble Arms of Light Common
MP23-EN270 Starlit Papillon Common
MP23-EN271 Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon Common
MP23-EN272 Thunder Discharge Common
MP23-EN273 Breath of Resurrection Common
MP23-EN274 Dragunity Senatus Common
MP23-EN275 Noble Knight Custennin Common
MP23-EN276 Perfect Sync – A-Un Common
MP23-EN277 D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas Common
MP23-EN278 Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord Common
MP23-EN279 Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss Super Rare
MP23-EN280 Krawler Receptor Common
MP23-EN281 Camelot, Realm of Noble Knights and Noble Arms Ultra Rare
MP23-EN282 Time Thief Power Reserve Ultra Rare
MP23-EN283 SPYRAL Double Agent Ultra Rare

As a reminder, each tin comes with one of the following promotional cards as a Quarter Century Secret Rare:

  • Dark Magician
  • Exodia the Forbidden One
  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon (original artwork, not the artwork used on the tin itself)
  • Rainbow Dragon
  • Cyber Dragon
  • Elemental HERO Neos
  • Stardust Dragon
  • Blackwing Armor Master
  • Black Rose Dragon
  • Number 39: Utopia
  • Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
  • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
  • Enlightenment Paladin
  • Decode Talker
  • Firewall Dragon
  • Salamangreat Blaze Dragon

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11 thoughts on “[TCG-MP23] 25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes set spoiler

  • August 29, 2023 at 3:21 pm

    If I have to guess Tears are gonna be reprinted in the Rarity Collection like Swordsouls were in Magnificent Mavens.

    • August 29, 2023 at 4:10 pm

      I doubt it as the rarity collection looks to be a direct copy of the ocg one minus maxx c

    • August 29, 2023 at 4:19 pm

      You’re probably right maybe the next Battle of Legends pack then.

    • August 29, 2023 at 5:05 pm

      The next battles of legend is the chapters compiled of the 1st 4 battles of legend next feb and I doubt they would be in that, the last reprint set this year is the rarity collection, so if im correct all the tears sprights kurikara and all other needed reprints will be in the big spring set next year, I just hope its better than this years one, MAZE was the first spring set to not be all foil in the last 10 years and was full of crap which was quite a letdown

    • August 29, 2023 at 5:08 pm

      They also didny import all the anime chronicle stuff into battles of legend this year which was rather odd, they are trying to be as inconsistent and unpredictable as possible it seems, my guess is those too will be in the spring set next year

  • August 29, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    If a Super Rare (like Silent Wolf Calupo) was replaced with Super Rare Mokey Mokey Adrift, this would have been my favourite tin so far.

  • August 29, 2023 at 4:51 pm

    Won’t be disappointed by whichever QCSR I get, but I do hope it’s either Dark Magician or Exodia.

  • August 29, 2023 at 7:16 pm

    Yay, ninja commons ….
    Thanks Konami….

  • August 29, 2023 at 8:10 pm

    Still no Kurikara and Ghoti members in MP23? Maybe She will reprint in SDR Fire King for TCG similar to Evenly Matched in TCG version of SD Traptrix.

  • August 30, 2023 at 6:42 am

    I was really hoping for the dogmatika ritual stuff to get rarity bumps. I’m tired of the rare/commons and supers.

  • August 30, 2023 at 6:10 pm

    You can find out which prismatics are short printed by looking up the actual sheet the cards are printed from (it was leaked). About 30 of the prismatics appear twice on one sheet, with the other 40 being those considered short printed. As they will appear in half as many packs.


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