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[Deck Recipe] “Aroma” Deck with “Evilcella Lutea”

Use Goodstuff Level 3s with Aroma for aggressive game state plays.

Instructor Created Deck (#55) “Aroma” Deck with “Evilcella Lutea”

Using cards from “Ignition Assault”

1 Evilcella Lutea
1 Lonefire Blossom
1 Naturia Rosewhip
1 Aromage Cananga
3 Aromaseraphy Angelica
3 Aromage Jasmine
3 Crane Crane
3 Psychic Wheelder
3 Psychic Tracker
3 Construction Train Signal Red
3 Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion
3 Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood

3 Cauldron of the Old Man
3 Aroma Gardening
1 Aroma Garden
2 Emergency Teleport

1 Humid Winds
1 Blessed Winds
1 Dried Winds

2 Meliae of the Trees
2 Aromaseraphy Jasmine
1 Aussa the Earth Chamrer, Aloft
1 Crystron Glassfiber
2 Aromaseraphy Sweet Marjoram
1 Aromaseraphy Rosemary
1 Magical Android
1 Psychic Lifetrancer
1 Formula Synchron
1 Queen of Thorns
1 Thought Ruler Archfiend
1 Vermillion Dragon Mech

Deck Commentary

An “Aroma” Deck that uses “Evilcella Lutea” from “Ignition Assault”.

The second effect of “Evilcella Lutea” protects powerful cards like “Dried Winds” and “Aroma Gardening” from your opponent’s targeting effects.

Since “Evilcella Lutea” is a Plant, it can be Special Summoned from the Deck by the effect of “Aromaseraphy Jasmine” OR from the GY by “Meliae of the Trees”.

“Evilcella Lutea” also has an effect that makes it so that it can’t be destroyed while you control other monsters, meaning it works well with those cards.

– Knight of Hanoi

POINT: Synergistic Face-Up Spell / Trap Cards

With a Field Spell Card and powerful Continuous Spell/Trap Cards, the Plant-Type “Aroma” work well with the Plant-Type “Evilcella Lutea”.

Among the various Continuous Spell Cards, this Deck heavily utilizes “Cauldron of the Old Man”.

This card can let you gain LP, as well as inflict damage to your opponent as long as it remains on the field, allowing you to keep advancing the state of the Duel.

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