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[VBEX2 Lore] Number 10: Solfachord

Do toot it.



Angels that reside in the Doremi Realm: One of the realms of the Heavenly Realms. They, with the help of their angel and fairy friends, play high level magic called “Cords” and with that power, they purify the worlds below.

TL note: “Doremi Realm” comes from the OCG name of the theme: “Doremichord”

🎼The symphony of angels and fairies that purifies the faltering of the world below♬♪
The goddess that manages the angels and fairies

GranSolfachord Musecia
Fairy Part: Grand Piano
A goddess that resides in the Higher Heavenly Realms, above even the Doremi Realm, and that manages the angels. Fairies are born from the scores she writes, and then the angels are able to conduct the fairies using those scores.

Solfachord Musica
The fairies play sacred instruments as conducted by the angels. Those mysterious melodies purify the hearts and souls of humans.

The angels and fairies working together

DoSolfachord Cutia
Fairy Part: Harmonica
The youngest apprentice angel. She loves sweets like donuts and can’t control herself around them.

DoSolfachord Coolia
Fairy Part: Violin
The leader that keeps everyone together. She’s calm and collected, and is admired by “Cutia”.

ReSolfachord Dreamia
Fairy Part: Flute
While this girl acts in a patronizing way towards “Cutia”, she also cannot conceal her admiration for her elder sisters.

MiSolfachord Eliteia
Fairy Part: Contrabass
Because of her meek and earnest personality, she often gets pushed around by the other angels and fairies.

SolSolfachord Gracia
Fairy Part: Sax
Because she usually has a daydreaming expression, she emits an aura of mystery, but she also has a meticulous side.

FaSolfachord Fancia
Fairy Part: Accordion
She has a determined and strong-minded personality. She’s always arguing with her fairy, but they are bond by their strong trust in each other.

LaSolfachord Angelia
Fairy Part: Trumpet
She’s cheerful, likes to stand out and to chat a lot. The self-proclaimed idol of the Doremi Realm.

TiSolfachord Beautia
Fairy Part: Harp
She’s reliable and level-headed, but she’s growing conscious of being called “mom” because of that personality.

End of chapter

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.

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