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[OCG] “Destiny Hero” & “Super Quant” Deck Experience Event

Konami has announced the January 2019 Deck Experience Event, and it’s heroes vs heroes!

Event Time: January 4th to 11th, 2019

Like how it’s been going, attendees will be able to play with either a “Destiny HERO” or “Super Quant” half Deck. Before you Duel, you’ll be given a basic lecture on how the Deck post “Dark Neostorm” is intended to be played based on Konami’s testing and design.

These Duels will be 8000 LP for a single best of 1 game.

Each time players play a Staff Instructor, they randomly get either a Soulburner or a Doppel Token, as well as a 2018 Promotion Pack.

Also, anyone who buys 1000 or more Yen worth of product (roughly 10+ Dollars), gets a special stock case featuring Blue-Eyes White Dragon:


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