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Duel Links Site Up

Remember the link from VJump showing the pre-registration for Duel Links? The website is now up!

duel links

Seems like for pre-registering, different awards will be given out based on the number of people who pre-register, including gems, card protectors (sleeves) and duel fields (mats).

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 3.21.53 PM 1 2 3

Additional screenshots have been added for the game, seems that you will be going through a town finding opponents to duel.

A promotional video for the mobile app is also shown, featuring some gameplay. Voice acting also seems to be available for most characters, and the summoning animations do look sweet.


PS: Note that the information given is only for the Japanese version. So whether people in the other regions will get those awards in game when they get the game isn’t known at this point. Anyone with an email address can pre-register though (I’ve tried and it works)