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[Duel Links] Paradox Brothers Event Details

Drops, Event Point Rewards and the Brothers’ key skill.

The Paradox Brothers have a deadly Skill called “Elements Unite!” during the event that works as such:

“You will start the duel with 500 Life Points and your starting hand will be 1 card, which is “Gate Guardian”. In addition, you will start the Duel with Suijin, Kazejin, and Sanga of the Thunder on the side of your field. Their effects are negated and they cannot attack as long as they are face-up on the field.”


Super Rare:
• Labyrinth Wall
• Extra Gate
• DNA Checkup
• Damage Gate
• Dimension Gate

• Labyrinth Tank
• Dungeon Worm
• Monster Tamer
• Beastking of the Swamp
• Giga-Tech Wolf

Event Point Rewards:
• 100,000: Oni Tank T-34
• 180,000: The right to use the Paradox Brothers
• 250,000: Paradox Brother Sleeves
• 350,000: Neo Aqua Madoor
• 570,000: Paradox Brothers Playmat
• 1,000,000: Archfiend Palabyrinth
• 1,800,000: Event Limited Icon

Paradox Brother Level Rewards:

• Level 3: Invigoration
• Level 4: Elements Unite! (Skill)
• Level 7: Remove Trap
• Level 10: Labyrinth Wall
• Level 11: Magical Labyrinth
• Level 13: Restart (Skill)
• Level 14: Wall Shadow
• Level 16: De-Spell
• Level 18: Magical Labyrinth
• Level 20: Thunder, Water and Wind (Skill)
• Level 21: Wall Shadow
• Level 23: Magical Labyrinth
• Level 25: Wall Shadow
• Level 33: Labyrinth Wall
• Level 35: Monster Gate


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