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[Duel Links] Esper Roba Returns

Once more with feeling: Or, why haven’t you fallen in love with Master Gig yet?

(And again, Roba realizes he’s now got actual psychic powers online, somehow.)

Fight Roba to punch various prize cards and the like out of his pockets. To get him to show up, Duel folks.

Basic Missions include Play 15 Duels with Roba to get Master Gig

Play 10 Duels to get D.D. Telepon

Win 7 Duels to get Psychic Overload

Win 1 Duel against Roba with Joey to get “Psy-Kids” Sleeves

Win 3 Duels against Roba with Joey to get a “Psy-Kids” Playmat.

The chief aim of the event is Master Gig and D.D. Telepon. Win the event to get various Machine and Psychic Cards that for some reason aren’t Jinzo.

Use D.D. Telepon and Time Escaper together to have the monsters needed to Tribute Summon Next Turn.

His specific card drops are:

  • Master Gig (UR)
  • Scrap Recycler (SR)
  • Time Escaper (SR)
  • D.D. Telepon (SR)
  • Psychic Overload (SR)
  • Pulse Mines (SR)
  • Cyber Esper (SR)
  • Senri Eye (SR)
  • Omega Goggles (R)
  • Insepection (SR)
  • Cyber Soldier of Darkworld (N)
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