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DSOD – A mystery monster appears!

The movie just keeps on turning up with new surprises.

What appears to be a new Blue-Eyes monster can be seen at the very end of the linked commerical for The Dark Side of Dimensions, in addition to a small shot of a level 3 Houkai monster that Aigami uses half-way through the trailer.

Also, it appears that Aigami’s duel disk is comprised of a number of those cubes he’s seen holding in previous trailers.

Credit goes to Yami_no_Yami of GX_ST, aaaand anybody who managed to catch the commercial on TV in Japan.

Also, for those who are interested, the Shonen Jump issue with the first half of the two-shot prologue to DSOD has been out in Japan for a few days now, and it depicts some of the details for the new VR Solid Vision system that we see in the movie.