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[DP27] The remaining reprints

Boys get toys, men get…

The remaining reprints for Duelist Pack: Duelists of Pyroxene are as follows:

DP27-JP011 Deformer Boardon / Morphtronic Boarden
DP27-JP012 Gadget Trailer / Gadget Hauler
DP27-JP013 Gadget Driver
DP27-JP015 Kikairyuu Power Tool / Power Tool Mecha Dragon
DP27-JP017 Deformer Repair Unit / Morphtronic Repair Unit
DP27-JP019 Deformer Map / Morphtronic Map
DP27-JP020 Power Break
DP27-JP039 Amazoness Pet Tiger / Amazoness Tiger
DP27-JP041 Amazoness no Sekkou / Amazoness Spy

The full spoiler then becomes:
DP27-JP000 Power Tool Dragon (Holographic Rare)
DP27-JP001 Morphtronic Telefon (Rare)
DP27-JP002 Morphtronic Scannen (Rare)
DP27-JP003 Gadget Gamer (Super Rare)
DP27-JP004 Morphtronic Earfon (Ultra Rare)
DP27-JP005 Power Tool Braver Dragon (Ultra Rare)
DP27-JP006 Morphtronic Convert Unit (Super Rare)
DP27-JP007 Life Exstream (Rare)
DP27-JP008 Morphtronic Celfon
DP27-JP009 Morphtronic Smartfon
DP27-JP010 Morphtronic Remoten
DP27-JP011 Morphtronic Boarden
DP27-JP012 Gadget Hauler
DP27-JP013 Gadget Driver
DP27-JP014 Life Stream Dragon
DP27-JP015 Power Tool Mecha Dragon
DP27-JP016 Junk Box
DP27-JP017 Morphtronic Repair Unit
DP27-JP018 Double Tool C&D
DP27-JP019 Morphtronic Map
DP27-JP020 Power Break
DP27-JP021 Keldo the Possessed Statue (Super Rare)
DP27-JP022 Mudora the Cestus Oracle (Rare)
DP27-JP023 Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard (Super Rare)
DP27-JP024 Agido the Ancient Sentry (Super Rare)
DP27-JP025 Gravekeeper’s Trap (Ultra Rare)
DP27-JP026 Exchange of the Heart (Rare)
DP27-JP027 Blast Held by Fate (Rare)
DP27-JP028 Zolga the Prophet
DP27-JP029 Exchange of the Spirit
DP27-JP030 Amazoness Golden Whip Master (Rare)
DP27-JP031 Amazoness Silver Sword Master (Rare)
DP27-JP032 Amazoness Warrior Chief (Super Rare)
DP27-JP033 Amazoness Shaman (Super Rare)
DP27-JP034 Amazoness Kaiserin (Ultra Rare)
DP27-JP035 Amazoness King Liger (Ultra Rare)
DP27-JP036 Amazoness Secret Technique (Rare)
DP27-JP037 Amazoness Queen
DP27-JP038 Amazoness Princess
DP27-JP039 Amazoness Tiger
DP27-JP040 Amazoness Baby Tiger
DP27-JP041 Amazoness Spy
DP27-JP042 Amazoness Empress
DP27-JP043 Amazoness Pet Liger
DP27-JP044 Polymerization
DP27-JP045 Amazoness Call

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