Further Hakai Lore

V Jump had even more information about the theme’s lore.

Continuing from the previous post, we have even more information about the Hakai theme.

Hakai Dual Dirge

An underground space dominated by darkness. A sealed coffin, large enough for one person and is approximately 2~3 meters tall, hangs suspended in the air. The coffin is bound by chains reaching out in every direction, allowing one to see how secure the entire thing is.

Hakai Douji Rakia

A copy of the sealed sorcerer, created by their leaking spiritual energy. Its mind hasn’t fully matured due to having been just manifested into existence, making them both as innocent yet cruel as a child.

Hakai Douji Arha

A being created by the spiritual energy radiating from the sorcerer, just like “Rakia”. When they first manifested, they were restrained with devices that locked up parts of their body and blinded their eyes.

(Paraphrased due to finger of Death.)

Shackles of Sou-Oh

A Shikigami summoned by the Doujis from the other world. Its limbs were wrapped in chains, that have been torn apart by incredible power. Unlike in the past, when it served the great sorcerer, it now carries a sinister aura.

Hakai Sou-Ohshin Raigou

The magical beast has transformed into a diabolical appearance absorbing “Arha” and “Rakia”. On its forehead is a Taijitu-esque Magatama made of “Arha” and “Rakia”, after being merged into its body. Its very surrondings are destroyed by the power it’s gained.

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