[Deck Recipes] June 6th, 2023

Red-Eyes & Red Boot team up to take your opponent to the cleaners.

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: “Red Boot Enhanced Boost Dragon”

3 Red Boot Boost Dragon
1 Red-Eyes Black Dragon (LEGEND)
3 The Dragias
3 Mirroring Wyvern
3 The Origin Stone of Legend
3 The Clone
3 Phoenix Dragon
3 Booster Wyvern
3 DBF Rebuildra
2 Double Twin Dragon

3 Inferno Fire Blast
1 Magical Stone Excavation
1 Secret Order
3 Dragon’s Boost Fusion
3 Ship of Seven Treasures
1 Silent Doom

1 Magic Cylinder (LEGEND)

3 The Dragiastar
3 Red Boot Enhanced Boost Dragon

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