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[TCG] LC Kaiba Mega Packs – Some New Info

We get more of an idea on what the new cards are, as well as specific reprints.

Kaiba is all about showing up his opponents with rare and powerful cards, so this Legendary Collection’s 105-card all-foil Mega Pack set includes many sought-after tournament level cards to bolster your Deck! You can find game-changing spells like Card of Demise as well as a slew of infectious traps like Crush Card Virus; even popular “hand traps” like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Droll & Lock Bird, and more! With four different artworks of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, you can hunt for the perfect set… and even tear up the fourth to make sure no one else can!

In addition, Legendary Collection Kaiba includes 5 brand-new cards inspired by famous entries in Kaiba’s arsenal. Lord of D. has a new incarnation that paves the way for mighty Dragons by finding powerful spells to herald their arrival! Alongside it, a radical rhapsody in opposite tune of The Flute of Summoning Dragon can help resurrect your fallen Dragons to the field! Even Ring of Destruction gets a new twist that’s a little less explosive, but will surely detonate any chance your opponent has in the long game.

Topping it off in the Legendary Collection tradition is a hard-back, fold-up Game Board with a complete 1-player Duel Field on one side and an unbordered Kaiba art version on the other.

To sum up, the 3 Mega Packs in the product have the following possible contents from its 105-card set:

  • 4 copies of “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” (each with a different artwork)
  • “Card of Demise”
  • “Crush Card Virus”
  • “Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit”
  • “Droll & Lock Bird”

The Legendary Collection product also guarantees the following cards in each product:

  • a new incarnation of “Lord of D.”
  • a new card whose effect complements that of “The Flute of Summoning Dragon”
  • a card based on “Ring of Destruction”