Creation Pack 02 & Age of Overlord [OCG-EN]

You aren’t you for entertainment if you don’t eat a snickers.

Note: Reminder these cards aren’t introducing brand new cards, these products exist for countries like Indonesia, Malyasia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines to be able to read their cards without third party resources. So please don’t misinform people. Nor are the Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes Decks sources of brand new cards.

These do not affect Japanese OCG product schedules, nor the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Creation Pack 02

Release Date: February 3rd, 2024

5 Cards per Pack; 30 Packs per Box

200 Cards
10 Ultimate Rares
20 Ultra Rares
40 Super Rares
50 Rares
80 Commons

10 Ultra Rares are Secret Rares; 8 Ultra Rares are Quarter Century Secret Rares.

●An original product for ENGLISH EDITION which includes many powerful cards that are related to the upcoming set “AGE OF OVERLORD”!
●Includes a large volume of 200 cards! You can build a deck with just this product!!
●Includes rarities that can only be obtained in the “+1 Bonus Pack” which is limited to the first-run limited edition boxes.
●Powerful categories such as “Magician”, “T.G.”, “Labrynth”, and “Orcust” are featured and they propose a wide variety of play styles!

Age of Overlord

Release Date: February 23rd, 2024

5 Cards per Pack; 30 Packs per Box

120 + 1 Cards
1 Quarter Century Secret Rare
14 Ultra Rares
18 Super Rares
25 Rares
63 Commons

1 Ultra Rare is a Holograpic Rare; 9 Ultra Rares are Ultimate Rares; 25 Ultra Rares and Super Rares are Secret Rares and Quarter Century Secret Rare

●The Booster Pack “AGE OF OVERLORD”, released on July 2023 in Japanese, will be released in ENGLISH EDITION for Asia.
●Includes 40 additional cards on top of the 81 cards from the original Japanese version! Complement your card pool to make deck building more easy!
●”CREATION PACK 02″ releasing in the same month contains cards that are highly compatible with this product! High synergy between both products!
●Rarities of the original 81 cards will be partly changed.


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