[21PP] Flint Cragger

Another support monster for Fossil related Decks appears!

21PP-JP005 フリント・クラッガー Flint Cragger
EARTH Rock / Effect
LV3 800/1600
You can only use each of this card name’s 1st and 2nd effects once per turn.
(1) If this card is Special Summoned: You can discard 1 card, and if you do, send 1 “Fossil” Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck to the GY.
(2) You can send this card from the field to the GY: You can inflict 500 damage to your opponent, then, if “Fossil Fusion” is in your GY, you can return 1 of your banished “Fossil Fusion”, or 1 card that specifically lists it in its text, to the GY.



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