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A Brand New Contest! – Win a SJCS Gold Sarcophagus!

Everybody likes charity right? And everybody likes to laugh! Check out the video above, for instructions on how to enter and win prizes from this absurdly luxurious list.

1. 3 Copies of Get your game on! a 2007 World championship promo card!
They’re each worth 50-70 on ebay. Not usable in official duels. Nearly impossible to find.

2. Magicians Force Dark Paladin with the correct image in 1st edition
This was released as a promotional thing where you mail an incorrect image one in, and get the correct image one sent to you.
You also receive a Shazam infinite crisis playmat
Aprox $80 value on both items

3. Max Protector magician girl double box still sealed worth 80-120

4. FOUR Anime Deck boxes, value unknown, roughly 100 dollar value. Deckboxes can be seen in the video.

5. An assortment of older and difficult to find yugioh items
A duelist card case
An OCG Duelist card case
A Millenium Puzzle Necklace
Yugioh trading card game pin
and very difficult to find 3 Duel School Patches
Aprox value ~$100

6. Sealed new copy of the game Castlevania Lords of Shadow limited edition set. Including Soundtrack, for Xbox 360

7. Sealed new copy of Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3. For the Nintendo Wii comes with the controller.

8. Uncut sheet of 5/10 Phantom Darkness Secret Rares “Yubel – Ultimate Nightmare”, “Goblin Zombie”, “Darklord Zerato”, “Rainbow Neos”, and “Dark Grepher”

9. $200 Shopping Spree. Un-sure if international.

10. Rescue Cat Helmet custom made by KDE Judge Manager Julia Hedberg of which only two exist. Rescue cat white, or Ivy’s Cat black, for the ears.

11. SJCS Gold Sarcophagus.- If a certain amount is met!

An entry into all 10 also get put into a draw for a mystery box. You guys should seriously check out this video.

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