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[Rush Duel / Deck Recipe] Winged Beast + Dragon Deck

Make use of the tactics of Winged Beasts and the power of Dragons!

Winged Beast + Dragon Deck

POINT: Make use of support cards for various types!

A Deck that makes use of Beast, Winged Beast and Dragon monsters!

Early on, fight with Dragons, while in the back end of the Duel, use the effect of “Beast Summoner” to Special Summon powerful Winged Beast and Beast monsters!

1 Lightning Bolcondor
1 Seis the Mighty King of Bestial Wings
3 Darkness Crested Hawk
3 Dragias the Striking Dragon
1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3 Beast Summoner
3 Dragolite
1 Twin-Edge Dragon
3 Luminous Parrot
3 Trick Pigeon
3 Phoenix Dragon

3 Inferno Dragon’s Heatflash
2 Hammer Crush
1 Attribute Change Blast
2 Mountain

2 Counter Heart
2 Dragon’s Tenacityā€ˇ


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