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Names of Upcoming V Jump Promotional Cards

They’re two more of Yuya and Sora’s cards.

The page description for “The Valuable Book 20” has revealed the existence of 2 new cards that are likely the next V Jump Subscriptions:

  • Fluffal Angel
  • Performapal Clay Breaker

Fluffal Angel, in the manga, is a Level 2 Pendulum Monster with a Pendulum Scale of 8, and can Special Summon 1 “Fluffal” monster from the Graveyard per turn while it’s a Pendulum Spell.

Performapal Clay Breaker in the manga had an effect that if it’s been Tribute Summoned, and it battles, your opponent’s monster loses 500 ATK for each face-up Pendulum Monster in the Extra Deck

Keep in mind these effects are very likely subject to change for the release in real life. And we will report these cards’ OCG effects when we get information about them.



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