CDP: Yubel in 2023, with Sacred Beast and Neos Support, ft. PHNI Support

Command respect with 0 ATK.


Strategic Summary:

The brand new Yubel Support has been revealed for the Phantom Nightmare core set, and it might just turn out to be a Favorite. Ahem, anyways, this archetype is designed around Yubel, a Level 10 DARK Fiend with 0 ATK that punishes any opponent that attacks into her. Additionally, whenever Yubel is destroyed (except by her own effect), she Special Summons Yubel – Terror Incarnate, which upgrades her destructive talents by destroying all other monsters on the field during your End Phase. Then, once Terror leaves the field, she Special Summons Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare, a Level 12 boss monster that takes battles into her own hands by inflicting damage equal to the ATK of the monsters it battles, then destroying them. These cards have existed in the game for a while, but the new suite of support cards gives them new life with retrains of their supporting cast. For example, Grinder Golem has been retrained as Geist Grinder Golem (YGOrg Translation), a Level 8 Monster with 3000 ATK that will typically be used to Special Summon itself to the opponent’s field from your GY whenever you Special Summon “Yubel“. This new wave of support is led by Spirit of Yubel (YGOrg Translation), a mirror to Elemental HERO Spirit of Neos, which tutors any Spell/Trap that lists Yubel, adding it to your hand or setting it to your field.

Speaking of the new Spell/Trap support, let’s talk about the most important new card: Nightmare Pain (YGOrg Translation), as all three effects are essential to the new gameplan. First, it can destroy any DARK monster in your hand or field, tutoring a Yubel or another card that mentions it. Second, it forces your opponent to attack Yubel Monsters with all monsters they control that can attack. And third, your opponent takes all battle damage for you, when a Yubel monster battles. This is how this deck wins – by forcing your Yubel to battle the opponent’s monsters under Nightmare Pain, then reflecting the damage back once (or twice with Ultimate Nightmare). There’s also one other major aspect to the new Yubel theme – Super Polymerization is back baby! With the new Yubel – Das Ewig Liebe Wachter (YGOrg Translation), a Fusion monster of any Yubel monster and 1+ Effect monsters on the field, you will be inflicting more damage than ever before. Even if you don’t have Super Polymerization, you can use the theme’s new Trap Card, Eternal Favorite (YGOrg Translation), which can Fusion Summon using monsters from either field when you control Yubel.

Now that we’ve covered the main players, let’s talk about the supporting cast shown in today’s build. First up is the Sacred Beast engine, led by Dark Beckoning Beast and Opening of the Spirit Gates. Given that Yubel and much of her support cards are Fiends with 0 ATK, this pairing is just fairly obvious and works well. I also chose to run a single copy of Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder in here to pair with Chaos Summoning Beast and your Continuous Spells, but that’s totally optional. As for the other optional suite, I elected to include Spirit of Neos, the OG Elemental HERO Neos, and Neos Wiseman to give the Yubel deck a chance to Fusion Summon Elemental HERO Neos Kluger. It also leads to some interesting interactions with the Neos Support card Over Fusion, which lets you treat one of your monsters as ‘Yubel‘ in a pinch. While this might not be the optimal engine for the new support in the long term, I nevertheless wanted to try it out and showcase it for you all! Embrace eternal terror with the power of new and improved Yubel!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 19
| Elemental HERO Neos
| Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare
| Yubel – Terror Incarnate
| Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
| Neos Wiseman
| Yubel
||| Spirit of Yubel
|| Geist Grinder Golem
| Elemental HERO Spirit of Neos
||| Dark Beckoning Beast
| Chaos Summoning Beast
||| Samsara Regenerating Lotus

Spells: 20
| Polymerization
|| Piri Reis Map
|| Pot of Desires
||| Super Polymerization
|| Over Fusion
||| Opening of the Spirit Gates
||| Nightmare Pain
||| Mature Chronicle
| Fallen Paradise

Traps; 3
| Favorite Contact
|| Eternal Favorite

Extra Deck:
|| Yubel – Das Ewig Liebe Wächter
| Starving Venom Predapower Fusion Dragon
| Predaplant Triphyoverutum
| Elemental HERO Neos Kluger
| Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
| Elemental HERO Flame Wingman – Infernal Rage
| Stellar Nemesis T-PHON – Doomsday Star
| Underworld Goddess of the Closed World
| Accesscode Talker
| Knightmare Unicorn
| S:P Little Night
| Secure Gardna
| Salamangreat Almiraj
| Relinquished Anima


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