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Creative Deck Profile: Quiet Life of The Weather Painters

Command the weather with this waifu deck.


Strategic Summary:

The Weather Painter archetype is extremely unique in many ways. This Fairy-type theme fully embraces continuous Spell and Trap cards to the extreme, as each of the monsters that represent a different weather phenomenon has a corresponding Weather canvas support card. As an example, The Weather Painter Snow, when Normal Summoned, places any other The Weather Spell/Trap onto your field. If you bring its canvas, such as The Weather Snowy Canvas, the deck’s uniqueness finally begins to shine. Each of the theme’s supporting Canvases grants effects to all The Weather monsters in the Main Monster Zones of the same or adjacent columns. The aforementioned Snowy canvas lets each Weather Painter banish itself to search any The Weather card from the deck to the hand. To come full circle, the last effect of every The Weather effect monster is to summon itself back to the field the Standby Phase after it was banished to activate a ‘The Weather’ card’s effect.

Now that we’ve covered the theme’s description, let’s now try to cover the strategy and playstyle. The Weather is a control deck, full stop. Your role is to slowly grind the opponent out of options and time, as you slowly accumulate resources that become more and more difficult to overcome. This is best accentuated by The Weather Thundery Canvas, a Continuous Trap that grants your The Weather monsters the effect to banish themselves when battling an opponent’s monster to return it to the hand. This is especially potent against Extra Deck monsters. While all of your Canvases can be powerful in the right situations, the key to piloting the Weather is choosing the correct support cards. For my take on the deck, I focused most intently on field wipes and the Quiet Life floodgate. For field wipes, a playset of Torrential Tribute and Drowning Mirror Force ensure that the opponent’s monsters are kept at bay, even after your Weather monsters banish themselves away for another day. On the other hand, Quiet Life synergizes perfectly with this theme, as you will generally only be Special Summoning your Weather monsters each turn, leaving you particularly unaffected by the floodgate. So don’t wait for a rainy day, check out The Weather today!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 14
| The Weather Painter Aurora
||| Dimension Shifter
||| The Weather Painter Thunder
| The Weather Painter Sun
||| The Weather Painter Cloud
||| The Weather Painter Snow

Spells: 12
||| Pot of Extravagance
| The Weather Rainy Canvas
||| Quiet Life
||| The Weather Snowy Canvas
| Dimension Fissure
| The Weather Sunny Canvas

Traps: 16
||| Drowning Mirror Force
||| Torrential Tribute
|| The Weather Thundery Canvas
| Macro Cosmos
||| The Weather Rainbowed Canvas
| Skill Drain
||| Solemn Judgment

|| The Phantom Knights of Break Sword
| Number 49: Fortune Tune
||| The Weather Painter Rainbow
|| Knightmare Unicorn
|| Knightmare Phoenix
|| Knightmare Cerberus
||| I:P Masquerena


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