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CDP: Magikey Bystial, ft. Magikey Avatar – Astartu and Ringowurm the Hundred Apple Dragon

Unlock all colors with the Magikey!


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back for another CDP, this time taking one of the recent Normal monster-centric themes out for a spin. The Magikey archetype is led by Clavkiys, the Magikey Skyblaster, a Level 4 Normal monster that takes on new forms. Whether it is using Magikey Maftea to either Ritual Summon or Fusion Summon, doing so with Clavkiys or really any Normal monster let’s you use a Normal Monster in your deck as part of the material for the summon. For example, one might Ritual Summon Magikey Mechmusket – Batosbuster, which tutors any Magikey card on Summon, or you might choose to Fusion Summon Magikey Beast – Ansyalabolas, which recovers your Maftea. Either way, this is just the first step to bigger things, as either monster is also a Tuner, letting you access Level 8 Synchro Monsters, such as the theme’s very own Magikey Fiend – Transfurlmine. Transfurlmine can set a Magikey S/T directly from your deck as long as you used 2 different Attributes for its Synchro Summon. This also kicks off the controlling effects that the Level 8 Magikey options bring by destroying a summoned monster, as long as you have a monster with the same Attribute in your GY. The second option is Magikey Mechmortar – Gareglasser, the second Ritual for the theme, that can negate the activation of a monster with the same Attribute of a monster in your GY. Lastly comes Magikey Dragon – Andrabime, which lets you draw a card when an opponent’s monster with the same Attribute as a monster in your GY is destroyed.

Altogether, these monsters offer an array of options to disrupt the opponent, but they can easily be augmented with other generic choices, such as Adamancipator Risen – Dragite… or the entire second archetype paired with the Magikey today, the Bystial! The Bystial theme is frequently used as a smaller engine, featuring multiple Level 6 DARK Dragon monsters that can Special Summon themselves from the hand by banishing a LIGHT or DARK monster from either GY. In this build, The Bystial Lubellion adds a touch more consistency, while also offering a pathway to get more unique levels in play on the board for combos. Take for example if you were able to Special Summon a Ringowurm the Hundred Apple Dragon (YGOrg Translation) at any point while you had a Normal Monster on your board – the Bystial engine gives you another path to a Level 8 Synchro Summon, or it even gives you a pathway to the Level 10 Synchro Summon of Bystial Dis Pater (YGOrg Translation), Chaos Angel (YGOrg Translation), or Baronne de Fleur, either through Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon or through Lubellion itself. Speaking of Lubellion, this Level 8 Dragon is also great material to pair with the Magikeys for an Xyz Summon, such as for the summon of Magikey Avatar – Astartu (YGOrg Translation), which can banish an opponent’s monster with the same Attribute as a Normal Monster or Magikey you control or in your GY. Embrace the chaos of a hybrid build with both the Magikey and Bystial archetypes!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 24
| Megalosmasher X
|| Clavkiys, the Magikey Skyblaster
|| The Bystial Lubellion
| Bystial Druiswurm
| Bystial Magnamhut
|| Bystial Saronir
| Bystial Baldrake
|| Maginificent Magikey Mafteal
||| Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
||| Assault Synchron
||| Ringowurm the Hundred Apple Dragon
| Magikey Mechmortar – Garesglasser
|| Magikey Mechmusket – Batosbuster

Spells: 16
| Instant Fusion
|| Pot of Avarice
| Monster Reborn
| Tuning
||| Preparation of Rites
| Magikey Maftea
|| Advanced Ritual Art
| Called by the Grave
| Branded Regained
||| Magikey World

Traps: 3
| Branded Beast
| Branded Etude
| Magikey Unlocking

Extra Deck:
| Magikey Dragon – Andrabime
| Magikey Beast – Ansyalabolas
| Bystial Dis Pater
| Chaos Angel
| Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign – Chengying
| Baronne de Fleur
| Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
| Adamancipator Risen – Dragite
| Magikey Fiend – Transfurlmine
| Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon
| Tri-Edge Master
| Stardust Charge Warrior
| Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
| Magikey Avatar – Astartu
| Magikey Spirit – Vepartu


Note: This is continuing the style of Creative Deck Profile articles, designed to showcase a build through replays and an attached summary. If you wish to see a CDP for an archetype, theme, or strategy you love, feel free to private message me on the YGOrg Discord server, the comments section of any of my YouTube videos, or just post a comment in response to this article on our Facebook page or through the site with your ideas for me to keep under consideration! On most YGO-related communities my username is Quincymccoy, so feel free to reach out. Current pending requested profiles include: Gunkan, Transcendrake without Scrap, Crimson Dragon

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