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Creative Deck Profile: G Golem Firewall Tempest Terahertz, ft. HC01 and AC02 Support

Let’s test out the new EARTH Cyberse archetype!


Strategic Summary:

Today’s profile centers around a new theme to the OCG, the G Golem archetype. This group of primarily EARTH Cyberse monsters revolves around Link Summoning – just like pretty much every other Cyberse archetype (except Mathmech). The best highlight of the theme is G Golem Rock Hammer (YGOrg Translation), a Level 6 monster that can tribute itself to summon 3 Cyberse Tokens, effectively giving you three Link Materials for one monster. The downside of him being Level 6 is easily mitigated – either through its own effect to drop it to Level 4 while in the hand by discarding another Cyberse monster, or by Special Summoning it from the hand via the effect of either Code Talker Inverted or Firewall Dragon itself. The other G Golem Main Deck monster is G Golem Pebble Dog (YGOrg Translation), which summons another copy of itself whenever it is summoned, plus, whenever it is sent from the hand to the GY, it tutors a G Golem card. This again gives you more bang for your buck, giving you two Link Material on summon! Plus, one of the tutoring options is Gravity Balance (YGOrg Translation), which summons 2 EARTH monsters that are banished or in your GY with the same name, giving you even more Link material. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this theme is great at giving you everything you need to make powerful link monsters… so let’s talk about those next.

On the G Golem front of the Extra Deck, we have to start with G Golem Stubborn Menhir (YGOrg Translation), an obelisk that summons another EARTH monster from the GY whenever it is summoned from the GY. This condition is easily achieved with either Transcode Talker or the in-theme G Golem Crystal Heart (YGOrg Translation). Alongside these Link monsters is arguably my favorite option in today’s build – G Golem Invalid Dolmen (YGOrg Translation). First, Dolmen protects all of your co-linked monsters from any monster effect activated on your opponent’s field. That immunity is key in today’s game. Second, it forces your opponent’s monsters to attack it, and third, it can discard a Cyberse monster to draw a card. All of these three effects help make this deck stand out from its Cyberse competition – with Dolmen, your game-winning pushes are that much harder to stop. And this deck certainly doesn’t lack those, whether it is a double-attacking Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax due to Update Jammer or my personal favorite in this build, Firewall Dragon Darkfluid – Neo Tempest Terahertz (YGOrg Translation). This Link 5 monster is a beast, milling Cyberse monsters to gain 2500 ATK and the sent monster’s attribute. This is important because it can attack monsters multiple times, equal to its different attributes. With 5500 ATK out of the gate and 10500 on the second turn, this card wins games. It also synergizes with the plenty other Cyberse monsters I included in here, from Salamangreat Spiny and Dotscraper to Sea Archiver and Mathmech Sigma. Find your strongest Link to victory with the G Golem!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 27
|| Gatchiri @Ignister
||| G Golem Rock Hammer
| Scrypton
|| Balancer Lord
| Salamangreat Falco
| Proxy Horse
| Mathmech Sigma
| Firewall Guardian
| Salamangreat Gazelle
||| Widget Kid
| Salamangreat Spinny
| Sea Archiver
| Salamangreat Meer
| Prohibit Snake
||| G Golem Pebble Dog
| Dotscaper
||| Formud Skipper

Spells: 13
| One for One
||| Cynet Mining
| Foolish Burial
| Salamangreat Recureance
||| Gravity Balance
|| Salamangreat Circle
| Will of the Salamangreat
| Salamangreat Sanctuary

Extra Deck:
| Firewall Dragon Darkfluid – Neo Tempest Terahertz
| Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax
| Firewall Dragon
| Accesscode Talker
| G Golem Invalid Dolmen
| Transcode Talker
| Update Jammer
| Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf
|| G Golem Stubborn Menhir
| Code Talker Inverted
| Splash Mage
| I:P Masquerena
G Golem Crystal Heart
| Salamangreat Balelynx


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