CDP: Cyberdark Cyber Dragon Style, ft. Over Future Fusion and Angel Ring

We can summon Cyberdark End Dragon consistently? WOW!


Strategic Summary:

Today’s CDP features the return of the Cyberdark archetype, as they’ve received some very powerful new tools to help achieve their gameplan of summoning an impressive Fusion monster in Cyberdark End Dragon! Let’s start from the beginning, the Cyberdark archetype is a group of DARK Machines and DARK Dragons, where the Machines can equip Dragons from the GY to boost their ATK. With all this equipment, it is easy to justify including Angel Ring (YGOrg Translation) in the deck, giving you a bit more control over the duel with its effect to negate the first Spell Card or effect your opponent attempts to resolve. The original trio, Cyberdark Edge, Cyberdark Horn, and Cyberdark Keel kicked off the strategy, with a further support wave of Cyberdark Claw to tutor Cyberdark Spell/Trap Cards and Cyberdark Cannon to tutor Cyberdark Monsters. Eventually, the theme received a structure deck, giving the theme a reason to be combined with Cyber Dragon support. This was reinforced by Cyberdark Chimera, a Machine Cyberdark that can discard a Spell/Trap to tutor Power Bond and allow you to banish materials from your GY for a Fusion Summon during the turn. Finally, the last super key support card of the structure deck was Cybernetic Horizon, a Spell Card that lets you send a Machine or Dragon Cyber monsters, with different attributes, to the GY, 1 from the hand and 1 from the deck. When you do, you tutor a new Dragon or Machine Cyber monster, while also sending a Cyber Fusion monster to the GY. Since this Spell is also a Cyberdark card, it is typically accessed through Claw’s search effect, but most importantly, it sends the first of your two Fusion Materials to the GY: Cyberdark Dragon.

Now DUNE gave this deck another very important treat in the form of Fusion Armament, a Spell Card that lets you Special Summon from your GY or Extra Deck a monster that is mentioned as a Fusion Material. In other words, this card can reveal Cyberdark End Dragon to Special Summon Cyber End Dragon from your Extra Deck, giving you the second Fusion Material for Cyberdark End Dragon. Even if you don’t have Armament, you actually have other ways to get your materials into the GY with the help of the new Over Future Fusion (YGOrg Translation) promo card, which lets you reveal any Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck to send one of its materials to the GY. Then its second effect lets you Fusion Summon a DARK Machine, using materials from your GY. This is yet another way to get to Cyberdark Dragon effectively, or another way to Fusion Summon Cyberdark End Dragon if you don’t want to rely on Power Bond. Finally, since this deck is all Machines, Therion “King” Regulus makes an appearance alongside Clockwork Night to truly synergize with the Cyber Dragon and Chimeratech Fusion monsters that you are running. Chase Fusion perfection with Cyber Dragons, Cyberdark, and the one and only Cyberdark End Dragon!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 18
|| Therion “King” Regulus
| Cyber Dragon
|| Cyberdark Chimera
| Cyberdark Keel
| Cyberdark Horn
| Cyberdark Edge
|| Cyberdark Cannon
|| Attachment Cybern
||| Cyberdark Claw
|| Cyber Dragon Core
| Cyber Dragon Herz

Spells: 22
| Overload Fusion
| Power Bond
||| Cyber Emergency
||| Fusion Armament
||| Cybernetic Horizon
||| Over Future Fusion
||| Cyberdark Realm
|| Clockwork Night
|| Angel Ring
| Cyberdark Inferno

Trap: 1
| Cyberdark Invasion

Extra Deck:
|| Cyberdark End Dragon
|| Cyber End Dragon
| Cyberdarkness Dragon
| Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon
| Chimeratech Overdragon
|| Cyberdark Dragon
| Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
| Chimeratech Rampage Dragon
|| Elder Entity N’tss
|| Cyber Dragon Sieger


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