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Creative Deck Profile: A Legendary Ocean Abyss of Sharks and ChesSalmon, ft. Infernalqueen Salmon

Be a Salmon and make watching this video a Spawn-taneous decision.


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back for a short profile, this time spent on combining the Umi Support, Shark stuff, and of course, our Infernalqueen Salmon (YGOrg Translation) herself. Between summoning another Fish Normal Monster and spawning tokens, the queen is ready to make a splash. In general, A Legendary Ocean builds thrive on getting to the Field Spell and converting all Level 5 WATER monsters into Level 4 threats that can be summoned without tribute, but the new Umi support offers alternative avenues to summoning from the hand as well. First, we have Electric Jellyfish, a Level 4 WATER Aqua monster that can send a “Umi” to the GY to Special Summon any WATER monster from hand. If you don’t like either of the above options, I personally loved using the TCG World Premiere Abyss Keeper to summon her from the hand, as it is made with any 2 WATER monsters. These materials are extremely easy to access when you add in Abyss Shark and the new Dream Shark (YGOrg Translation) from AC02, as both can quickly summon themselves from the hand and start building up a solid gamestate. However you manage to summon the Infernalqueen, you get to trigger her effect to summon Terrorking Salmon as well – it’s not that fishy of a concept.

Beyond this simple strategy of summoning as much Salmon as possible, you actually have a decent control strategy behind it. Ocean Dragon Lord – Kairyu-Shin prevents the opponent from amassing more than 1 non-WATER monster on their board while Umi is on the field, while White Howling negates Spell effects. That’s right, fin-ish them! For consistency, Fish Sonar exists and Kairyu-Shin’s Dark Reef lets you summon up to 2 monsters that mention Umi from your deck, plus, if your opponent controls a monster when you use it? THAT’S RIGHT, more Salmon!!! Truly, what more is there to love them endless Salmon. They may seem like pacifish, but in the end, they really can be e-fish-ient at ending a duel. For your sole and mine, let’s lox up the fish puns, tip the scales in your favor, and take some opponent’s back to school with the Chess Salmon!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 21
|| Terrorking Salmon
||| Infernalqueen Salmon
||| Ocean Dragon Lord – Kairyu-Shin
||| Abyss Shark
| Gazer Shark
||| Dream Shark
| Warrior of Atlantis
||| Electric Jellyfish
| Doom Kraken
| Yorishiro of the Aqua

Spells: 10
||| Fish Sonar
|| Sea Stealth II
|| Whitefish Salvage
||| A Legendary Ocean

Traps: 9
|| White Howling
||| Trap Trick
|| Kairyu-Shin’s Dark Reef
|| Sea Stealth Attack

Extra Deck:
|| Bahamut Shark
| Tornado Dragon
| Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir
| Number 4: Stealth Kragen
|| Stealth Kragen Spawn
| Daigusto Emeral
| Abyss Dweller
|| Toadally Awesome
| Marincess Great Bubble Reef
| Marincess Aqua Argonaut
| Marincess Coral Anemone
| Abyss Keeper


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