[VBEX Lore] Number 5: Eldlich

Journey into the depths of endless greed!

Story & Illustrations No. 05

The magic stone of wisdom, Eldlixir, is famed to bring “unending power” to whomever obtains it.
And one man, through sheer ego and greed, swallowed up that stone and all its accursed might…

Eldlixir, the Magic Stone that Grants Power to its Owner
In times past, sages possessed by greed offered thousands of souls to the magic stone Eldlixir, until it finally awakened. Now shining a bright crimson, it transformed the land its light touched upon into a golden city, the very picture of wealth. But all life within it was reduced to shambling undead.


The Immortal King Who Made Eldlixir His Own
The stone that had led countless travelers to their doom ultimately found itself in the hands of one inhumanly strong-willed man. And so, Eldlich the Golden Lord, a being unparalleled in his greed, and immortal ruler of the Golden Land, was born.

Seven Cities of the Golden Land

The target of his desire isn’t limited to just the “Golden Land”, it also extends to the outside world. “Eldlich” preforms a ritual that focuses the Gold’s curse on himself, which raises the curtain on his march to conquer the world itself.

Eldlixir of White Destiny/Eldlixir of Scarlet Sanguine
The legend of “Eldland, the Golden Land”, a city ruled by gold and undeath, is known around the world. Those greedy enough to search out the city provide a constant source of fuel for the magic stone’s ever-growing power.

Eldland, the Accursed Domain of Eldlich
The merciless curse of the magic stone makes no distinctions on who or what it ensnares. Gold-hungry travelers, armies from beyond the sea in search of new lands to conquest, and the native beasts of the bewitched city were all transformed into deathless gold.

Thanks to Decchan for Translating this

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text

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