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Blurbs from Master Guide 6

We’ve got lore, and we’ll post it as we get it.

Story Lore for this Master Guide Includes

  • “World Chalice”, “World Legacy”, “Krawler”, “Mekk-Knight”, “Knightmare”, “Crusadia”, “Orcust”, “Guardragon”
  • “Upstart Goblin”
  • “Matching Outfits”
  • “Shiranui” & Mayakashi”
  • “SPYRAL”
  • “Zombie World”
  • “Sky Striker”
  • “Endymion”, “Mythical Beast”, “Invoked” and “Witchcrafter”
  • Other Cards

For a time, Ningirsu stepped off the beaten path, and was reborn as a knight to defend the stars. As the embodiment of “Auram’s” long-cherished wish and dream, he now swears to watch and protect “Ib” from the shadows. Beside him is the fairy “Galatea”, snuggling up beside him.

During her battle with “Zeke”, Kagari releases her limiters!

During their fierce battle, “Raye” feels the wailing and sorrow deep inside “Roze”‘s heart. “Raye” uses the last of her strength by unleashing the safeties on “Kagari”. Will the red sword in her hands be able to cut apart the twisted threads of fate?!


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