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“Beta” Win-A-Mat format premiering at YCS Chicago

Q: What is the Beta Format Win-A-Mat?


Q: What are the rules for the Beta Format Win-A-Mat?


The Special Format Win-A-Mat is a new challenge for players, where the number of Summons per turn are reduced.
Deck Construction will use Advanced Format rules.
Duelists are allowed a maximum of 3 Summons per turn: 1 Normal Summon/Set, 1 Special Summon from the Extra Deck, and 1 “other” Special Summon.
In other words, if we break Summons down into 3 categories, Duelists can only perform each category of Summoning once per turn (so a Duelist can do one each from categories A, B, and C per turn, or just A & C but not B, etc., but never 2 Summons from the same category in the same turn):

A. 1 Normal Summon or Set (includes Tribute Summons)
B. 1 Summon from the Extra Deck (Fusion Summon, Synchro Summon, Xyz Summon, Instant Fusion, Cyber-Stein-style effects, etc.)
C. 1 “other” Special Summon (can be anything that Summons from a place other than the Extra Deck – Cyber Dragon, Giant Rat, Zombie Master, Tragoedia, Wulf, Lightsworn Beast, Call of the Haunted, D.D. Scout Plane, Embodiment of Apophis, etc.)


1. Performing a Pendulum Summon uses up the Duelist’s Special Summon for that turn from category B AND from category C, even if the Pendulum Summon only Summoned monsters from just the Extra Deck, or just from the hand.
2. Any in-game effects or rules that create additional restrictions still apply. If an effect like Vanity’s Emptiness prevents any Special Summoning, for example, you cannot Special Summon. These rules do not override that.
3. These rules reduce the number of Summons; they do not create new Summon abilities. You do not miraculously gain the ability to Normal Summon during the opponent’s turn, or Summon from the Extra Deck without an appropriate ability to do so; you still need a card or effect that would let you do these things.
4. These restrictions are per turn. If you Summon with Giant Rat during your opponent’s turn, it uses your Category C Summon for that turn, but you still get a Category C Summon during your next turn.
5. Flip Summons remain unrestricted. Effects that return a monster to play without Summoning (such as Interdimensional Matter Transporter) are also unaffected.


Everything else (entry fee/3 packs, single elimination, 8-player size, 1 playoff point, mat for 1st place) is exactly the same as the regular Advanced format Win-A-Mat.

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