Author: SkullBuster

Being generally known as a fastidious yet condescending lifeform, SkullBuster usually lives a solitary nocturnal lifestyle, feeding on hefty amounts of chips and sweets and sodas he can grab within his reach. If the need arises, he would go out and slither to the nearest convenience store for nourishment.

I’m actually lost for words for what to write here as an introduction. I don’t want to just dump things here in the Org site and leave, I don’t think that’s proper writing etiquette. I believe that apart from the title, the intro should also catch the reader’s attention, and I hope I haven’t lost yours yet. So being the weirdly random person that I am, I’m leaving this totally unnecessary ramble right here as a makeshift introduction, and you will like it. You’ll still get Decklists when you continue reading, I promise, lol.

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