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[OCG] [Philippines] Yu-Gi-Oh Weekly Tournament Results (May 23 – May 25)

I’m actually lost for words for what to write here as an introduction. I don’t want to just dump things here in the Org site and leave, I don’t think that’s proper writing etiquette. I believe that apart from the title, the intro should also catch the reader’s attention, and I hope I haven’t lost yours yet.

So being the weirdly random person that I am, I’m leaving this totally unnecessary ramble right here as a makeshift introduction, and you will like it. You’ll still get Decklists when you continue reading, I promise, lol.

There aren’t much submissions this week, which is nerve-wracking for me. The two new Tournament venues, Happy Gift Shop and Play2Learn, haven’t turned in anything as well. Maybe they just forgot that some attention-hogging jadge person is over-intent on sharing information, I’ll give them a holler later. Or maybe people just don’t wanna share.

What we can rejoice about, however, is the fact that there are Tellarknights and Shaddolls in this week’s report.

Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 1A
Winner: Benn Alcantara
Deck: Dragon Rulers

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Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 1B
Winner: Joel Amad
Deck: Tellarknight
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Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 2B
– and –
Courtside Robinsons Galleria Pod 3A
Winner (of both Pods): Merix Bartolo
Deck: Shaddoll
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