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[RD/SST1] Saikyo Starter Deck

We’re revealing the cards from “Saikyo Starter Deck”, that comes as a bonus with the May 2022 Issue of Saikyo Jump!

Note: This not the same as the Starter Decks announced for mid April or so.

RD/SST1-JP001 Transamu Rainac

All Other Information is SECRET

Transamu Rainac is not exclusive to the “Saikyo Starter Deck”, it’s also included in the “Go Rush Deck: Galactica Arrival”. Consider this copy an early preview copy.

RD/SST1-JP002 Sevens Road Magician
RD/SST1-JP003 Multistrike Dragon Dragias
RD/SST1-JP004 Max Raider
RD/SST1-JP005 Savage Claw Tiger

RD/SST1-JP006 Stone Dragon
Level 7 EARTH Rock-Type Normal Monster
ATK 2000
DEF 2300
(Translation: A dragon whose entire body is made of rocks. Its rock attack is powerful.)
(EN: A dragon formed by huge boulders that are also used to attack the enemy.)

RD/SST1-JP007 Blue Falcon Tengu
RD/SST1-JP008 Innocent Lancer
RD/SST1-JP009 Emperor of the Land and Sea
RD/SST1-JP010 Spike Seadra
RD/SST1-JP011 Flying Kamakiri #2
RD/SST1-JP012 Uraby
RD/SST1-JP013 Constructor Warrior Shovelon
RD/SST1-JP014 Silent Assailant
RD/SST1-JP015 Checkrael the Sun Angel, Yo
RD/SST1-JP016 Bean Soldier
RD/SST1-JP017 Water Magician
RD/SST1-JP018 Giga-Tech Wolf
RD/SST1-JP019 Hitotsu-Me Giant
RD/SST1-JP020 Dosodon
RD/SST1-JP021 Cycliptron
RD/SST1-JP022 The All-Seeing White Tiger
RD/SST1-JP023 Thunder the Thunder
RD/SST1-JP024 Shaman Octopus
RD/SST1-JP025 Aromagmabear
RD/SST1-JP026 Whispering Fairy
RD/SST1-JP027 Kuribot
RD/SST1-JP028 Kuribot (First Alternate Artwork)
RD/SST1-JP029 Kuribot (Second Alternate Artwork)
RD/SST1-JP030 Skull Servant
RD/SST1-JP031 Monster Reincarnation (LEGEND)
RD/SST1-JP032 Blades of Divine Wind
RD/SST1-JP033 Pierce!
RD/SST1-JP034 The☆Power-Up
RD/SST1-JP035 Bleach Mortar
RD/SST1-JP036 Hammer Crush (Alternate Artwork)
RD/SST1-JP037 Counter Cannonball
RD/SST1-JP038 Emergency Return
RD/SST1-JP039 The☆Barrier
RD/SST1-JP040 Mystery Handcuffs



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