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[Arc-V] Episode 32 Summary

熱戦!エンタメデュエルショー!!Nessen! Entame Dyueru Shoo!! (White-Hot Battle! Entertainment Duel Show!!)
16th November 2014

First round of the Maiami Championship. Yuya’s first duel is against his destined opponent Sawatari Shingo. With his Pendulum Summons sealed away, how would Yuya carry out his Entertainment Duels?

“Pendulum Summons will lead to your defeat!” said Sawatari Shingo, whilst sealing away Yuya’s Pendulum Summons and drives him into a corner. The clash between the decks of the two duelists is truly an entertaining duel. The showdown causes a frenzy among the audience.

Cast List
Sakaki Yuya, Hiiragi Yuzu, Gongenzaka Noboru, Shun’in Sora, Tatsuya, Futoshi, Ayu, Hiiragi Shuzou, Sakaki Yuuko, Nico Smiley, Akaba Reiji, Sawatari Shingo, Shijima Hokuto, Koutsuu Masumi, Toudou Yaiba, Nakajima, Assorted Voices, Narration.

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