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ARC-V Vocal Best Release Date

The release date for the Opening and Ending Theme CD Collection is announced

Release Date: March 28th, 2018

Price: 2376 Yen

■ Opening Themes
♪. Believe×Believe by 超特急
♪. Burn! by 超特急
♪. ハナテ (Hanate) by 劇団ナイアガラ
♪. 切り札 (Kirifuda) by cinema staff
♪. キボウノヒカリ (Kibou No Hikari) by Unknown Number!!!
♪. Pendulum Beat! by SUPER★DRAGON

■ Ending Themes
♪. One Step by P☆Cute
♪. Future fighter! by 榊遊矢×赤馬零児
♪. ARC of Smile! by BOYS AND MEN
♪. Speaking by Mrs. GREEN APPLE
♪. ビジョン (Vision) by 空想委員会
♪. 疾走ペンデュラム (Shissou Pendulum) by M!LK



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