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[VRAINS] Episode 13 to 15 Mini Summaries

Trust me, this is like the barest of bare bones, so dry and bleached it could be a desert.

Episode 13: 激闘の記録 – Gekitō no Kiroku
(Record of the Fierce Battle)

Yusaku analyzes the information about Ignis together with Kusanagi, but…

Episode 14: ゴーストガールの誘い – Gōsuto Gāru no Sasoi
(Ghost Girl’s Invitation)

Yusaku Duels against Ghost Girl.

Episode 15: 闇に忍ぶオルターガイスト – Yami ni Shinobu Orutāgaisuto
(The Altergeists Lurking in the Darkness)

Playmaker analyzes Ghost Girl.



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