[Speed Duel] Some Confirmation of “Duelists of Shadow”

Wait a bit longer for the actual Deck and Skill Contents

All 3 Sacred Beasts in Secret Rare Foiling

5 Cards out of 21 get Secret Rare Upgrades


D.D. Crow
Macro Cosmos
Super Polymerization
Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman
Allure of Darkness

Basic Rundown of Main Content

Supreme King Jaden – “Evil HERO” Deck – Skill: Ruthless Means
Shadow Rider Nightshroud – “Red-Eyes” Deck – Skill: Forged Steel
Shadow Rider Camula – “Vampire” Deck – Skill: Vampiric Aristocracy
Shadow Rider Tania – “Amazoness” Deck – Skill: Welcome to the Jungle
Shadow Rider Titan – “Archfiend” Deck – Skill: Archfiend’s Conscription
Shadow Rider Amnael – “Macro Cosmos” Deck – Skill: Professor of Alchemy
Kagemaru – “Sacred Beast” Deck – Skill: “Unlocking the Power”
Adrian Gecko – “Cloudian” Deck – Skill: “Fog Warning”

20 Skill Cards Confirmed

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